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Q. What happens once you apply for consulting?

 A: You'll receive an email confirming your 50-minute FREE CONSULT.


Q: What if this doesn’t work?

A: You have nothing to lose at this point and I can promise you that if you actually do what I ask you to that you will be in a much sweeter place than you are now.


Q: Can your program help women who are being physically abused too?

A: Yes, these insights will help you in almost every area of your life. I have specifically designed IGNITE THE LIGHT WITHIN to help verbal abuse victims, but I will adapt the program given each individuals needs.


Q: Are the sessions available at many hours so I can make sure I am alone and have the time to talk?

A: Yes, I have some appointments as late as 11:00 p.m. because men often work night shift. I adapt my schedule according to the needs of my clients.


Q: Is there a payment plan?

 A: Yes, the payments can be made in part. Details are on order form.

Q: Do you work with men?  

A: Yes, I have several male clients.


Q: Do you speak to groups?

A: Yes, I conduct workshops throughout the country.


Q: I have more questions. How can I reach you?

A: Not a problem! Feel free to call 614-256-7337 or email verbalabusementor@gmail.com



IGNITE THE LIGHT WITHIN  is committed to working with individuals who are seriously ready for a change.






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