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I want to empower you with more freedom than you’ve felt since getting your driver’s license. I want you to feel creative and joyous and be able to speak. I want you to be grounded in your truth. I don't want you to be held back by what you say but encouraged and renewed by the power of your words.

I spent $10,000 and five years studying with a life coach/master healer to learn the techniques that enabled me to create the relationship with myself—and my man—that I wanted.

When I first started working with my coach, I was a wreck. Wasn't sure how to make a real positive shift in my life. Wasn't sure how to determine if leaving him was the only way to be happy or how to know if he was capable of changing.

I did learn how to determine whether or not a man is teachable.

I also was shocked to learn I was a victim of verbal abuse. I was a teacher and author with a Master’s Degree in Education. How did I not realize I was a victim?

Easy. I’d become accustomed to the jabs, the jokes and the rude remarks.

Nothing I said or did made him change or made me any happier. It wasn’t until I implemented the skills I learned working with a master life coach that I saw an immediate difference in my relationships.

These skills extended into my other relationships.


Not sure if you’re a target of verbal abuse?


I speak and interact with my man with honesty and in return feel understood and loved, safe to express myself.

I command respect in my relationships and feel joyous despite negative comments whether from my man or others.

I enjoy mentoring women like you who are struggling, but can, with the correct information, live the life they envision.


SURE, I have challenging days. I still encounter people who attempt to shut me down or shut me up. The DIFFERENCE IS NOW I KNOW WHAT TO SAY to myself and others that maintains my self-esteem and integrity and most of all MY POWER OF PRESENCE!

I enjoy mentoring women, like you, who are struggling, but with the right information, can live the life they envision.

Most women in your shoes are stuck. They don't know how to move forward or step out of a sticky situation.

Here’s why. They hesitate when they're given an opportunity to change their mindset and step onto a new path where they can shine.  They say:

“This won’t work for me…”

“I’m too old (young) to change…”

“I’ve tried everything…”

Luckily that’s NOT YOU!  You’re not like the multitude of other women out there living day-to-day with no way out.

You’ve got the resilience and hope to radically improve your relationships and your life!

It’s your turn!

I don’t want you to keep wasting precious years and continue to suffer. I’m compelled to help you thrive in your relationships.

I want to see you happy and playful and pay the lessons I’ve learned forward.

That's why I designed IGNITE THE LIGHT WITHIN !

IGNITE THE LIGHT WITHIN  is committed to working with individuals who are seriously ready for a change.






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