Hi, I'm Michele.

I'm a verbal abuse mentor empowering women to find their voice through my coaching program FREE TO SPEAK.


I’m Michele Zirkle. I spent $10,000 and five years studying with a life coach/master healer to learn the techniques that enabled me to create the relationship with myself—and with my man—that I wanted. While working with my life coach, I was shocked to learn that I was a victim of verbal abuse. I was a teacher and an author with a Master’s degree in education. How could I not realize I was a victim?


Percentage of women who have experienced emotional abuse in a relationship in the past five years *


Number of weeks it takes to complete my program and regain control of your life after a verbally abusive relationship


The number of minutes I will personally spend coaching you into being FREE TO SPEAK in your relationships once again


The number of books I will give you for FREE as a special gift for successfully completing my program


Put on your BIG elephant ears and LISTEN to that inner voice that’s telling you to be FREE TO SPEAK! Like the elephant, you will become strong, confident and communicate effectively in your relationships. My program teaches you how to regain your self-respect and how to know if the man in your life is capable of providing the respect you deserve. You will learn how to design your day in a way that cultivates a renewed sense of self-worth and empowers you to receive the love and attention you are craving.






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